2016 Honda Crosstour Redesign, Release and Changes

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2016 Honda Crosstour Redesign, Release and Changes – Welcome to Futurecarrelease.com, this time I will give information about the world, namely the Honda. More precisely 2016 Honda Crosstour will be present in the world car market by 2016. I will present information about the 2016 Honda Crosstour is about a review, release date, price, specs and engine. Congratulations read something about the information that I have prepared, and if you want to know the latest updates about the latest cars visit the blog Futurecarrelease.com.

2016 Honda Crosstour Redesign

The Honda Crosstour is coming back on the market upgraded and improved. This full-size crossover shares many resemblances with the Honda Accord. In fact, it was initially named Accord Crosstour when it was launched in 2009 as a 2010 model. The new 2016 Crosstour is getting a new exterior, some new technology and powertrain changes.

Honda has intended to bring a new vehicle having resemblance with Honda Accord and titled as 2016 Honda Crosstour. Since Accord has earned remarkable fame and is one of the best sedans sold out from the Japanese carmakers, there is a huge expectation that this model will also be capable of fetching major appreciation. There are some additionally positive features in Crosstour as were not seen in the Accord.Entirely redesigned shape and considerably bigger body stature are the modified features.

We are still waiting for official info about the 2016 Honda Crosstour for which we still miss few things. As soon as we get those we will provide it here so stay tuned. It is expected to launch before the end of the next year but more details will be offered even before this.

The 2016 Honda Crosstour is the future model of this full size crossover that is already in development and we do expect it to come with few quite interesting changes. During first few years of its production this car was labeled as Accord Crosstour, since it was a crossover version of the most popular Honda vehicle but soon after those things changed and we have one significantly different vehicle.

This full-size crossover SUV was originally launched in 2009 as 2010 year model. Although it was initially named Accord Crosstour (2010 and 2011 model years), this five-door fastback now bears the name of only Crosstour. This model is present for over six years, so it seems like very logical move from the company to make refreshments for 2016 year model. The 2016 Honda Crosstour will come with new exterior look, many new features and also some improvements under the hood.

2016 Honda Crosstour Concept

2016 Honda Crosstour Price

Pricing for the new 2016 Honda Crosstour has been set at $28,000 – $32,000 based on current exchange rates. If there are changes on the 2016 Honda Crosstour we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep follow our blog.

2016 Honda Crosstour Changes

One of the biggest fails when it comes to Crosstour is its shape and exterior styling. Honda fans were used to Accord wagon, and now they got something in between of a hatchback and crossover SUV that’s definitely less practical than a tall wagon with plenty of cargo and back seat space. Maybe the new 2016 Honda Crosstour model will come with the different shape in the back, at least that would have been the logical step towards winning over the crowds to fall in love with this relatively new crossover.

The new Crosstour looks more aggressive and masculine than the previous model. Dimensions of the car are increased, especially the height. However, it will be made of lightweight materials such as aluminum, so it will weigh less, therefore improving the performance and fuel efficiency. Wheels will also be bigger 18 inch alloy. The interior of the cabin will also look more modern and stylish. The surfaces will be covered in quality materials and the cabin will offer a lot of space for the passengers. The biggest upgrades include new and useful functions and technology, which will ensure a safe and enjoyable drive. It will come with USB interface, Wireless connection, auto-dimming rearview mirror and many more. Also, there is an electric system installed to help in reducing the load of the engine and improve fuel efficiency.

2016 Honda Crosstour Changes

2016 Honda Crosstour Redesign

The 2016 Honda Crosstour will be much different from current model. It will remain the same type of a car, but with new much more attractive and aggressive look.The 18-inch alloy wheels are not the only thing that will be enlarged, compared to current Crosstour. Overall dimensions will be different, so new model will be larger, especially in terms of body heights. The most of the new 2016 Crosstour will be made of lightweight materials such as aluminum, so total body weight will be decreased, which will at the end provide not only better performances but also better fuel consumption. There will also be changes inside. New model will get some new features. Some of these are vehicle stability assist and antilock brakes for better safety, also with active front seats, Bluetooth connectivity and USB interface and much more.

2016 Honda Crosstour release date

2016 Honda Crosstour Specs

The spied exterior details for the 2016 Honda Crosstour include; brand new bumpers fortified with better protection qualities, restyled headlights and taillights as well as new chrome grille. The estimated weight for this Crosstour is 1680 kilograms to 1862 kilograms. The wheelbase is expected to be 110 inches while the wheels will be 17 to 18 inches of size. On both side ends, the car will get two doors equipped with restyled design and decors. The predicted curb dimensions are 196.6 inch length, 74.7 inch width and 61.5 inch of height.

As discussed above some extra features have been added with this great model. Vehicle Stability Assistant & Antilock-brake are elements ensuring safety with moveable front seats. At the interior there is an auto dimming back view driver mirror. For the purpose of infotainment this model has been provided Bluetooth & USB connectivity with latest navigation system. On the entertainment perspectives vehicle will be containing audio video sound system with powerful speakers. Electric system installed in the vehicle will be responsible for improved fuel consumption. These modifications make the vehicle environment friendly. Body weight has been enhanced in the redesigned version. More aggression has been added to this model for a much better look. There is a larger space inside and has been made comfortable. Wheels given with this model will be 18 inches in diameter.

In the interior, this Honda Crosstour will be five-passenger capacious with ample headroom and legroom. With safety features like stability assist, side curtain airbags, threshold airbags and antilock brakes, occupant safety will guaranteed. Main high-tech features will include wheel mounted controls, USB interface, Bluetooth pairing and auto dimming rearview mirror. The rear seats are equipped with comfortable back rests and separated with sufficient space to ensure occupant comfort. On the cabin the car will get premium features and designs that will help make the automobile more attractive and easy to navigate. There is also a dual-zone automatic climate control so you can easily set the right temperature for passengers.

2016 Honda Crosstour Review

2016 Honda Crosstour Engine

Power for the new Honda will come from a 2.4-liter DOHC 4-cylinder engine that can generate up to 192 hp and 162 lb-ft torque and a 3.5-liter SOHC powertrain developing 278 hp and 252 lb-ft torque. Smaller engine will be mated to 5-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. More powerful unit will be mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and either four or front wheel drive system. The fuel economy for 2.5 liter unit will be 22 mpg city, 31 highway and 25 mpg combined while that of 3.5 unit will be 20 mpg city, 30 mpg highway and 23 mpg combined. The front suspension will be a double wishbone and multi-link rear and will bring the drive by wire throttle system.

Performance section of the new model is probably not going to change much. Base version will probably come with 192 horsepower four cylinder engine that’s going to be paired with six speed automatic transmission, while the second engine in the lineup is the Earth Dreams 3.5 liter V6 unit, that is able to deliver 278 horsepower and 252 pound feet of torque. It comes with paddle shifters that are mounted behind steering wheel and six speed automatic transmission.

An impressive range of two different engines will be offered for the 2016 Honda Crosstour. The base model comes with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder 16-valve DOHC i-VTEC engine. It develops up to 192 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque. This engine will be coupled with a five-speed automatic transmission. The other option is a 3.5-liter 24-valve SOHC i-VTEC V6. This engine produces 278 hp and the transmission is six-speed automatic.

There will be two engines in offer for 2016 Crosstour. The base option is well-known 2.4 liter four-cylinder, 16 valve DOHC i-VTEC engine with 192 hp. The other variant is also well-known and proven 3.5 liter 24–valve SOHC i-VTEC V6 that produces 278 horses. Both engines could be coupled with either automatic or manual transmission. The 2016 Crosstour will be available in 2WD and AWD variants. New model will also feature double wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspension independent control.

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