2017 Honda HR-V Release Date and Turbocharged Engine Rumor

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2017 Honda HR-V Release Date and Turbocharged Engine Rumor – The 2017 Honda HR-V release date may still be far away from now. It will hit the dealerships on fall next year. But, this big Japanese automaker has already presented this compact SUV car at the Los Angeles auto show recently. For your information, Honda aims the middle of 2017 as the release date of this SUV in order to compete with other competitors, which are ready to give something new in this compact SUV class. As we see, this SUV got many updates now. If we compared with the predecessors, the positive responds belong to the 2018 HR-V so far. It is not only good at offering comfort, but also better fuel economy.


2017 Honda HR-V Price

After revealing the 2017 Honda HR-V release date, Honda does not give any single word for the pricings. This SUV, which has the same platform with Honda Jazz or Fit, will offer a fresh and modern design next year. Thus, we can predict that the price will be slightly increasing than the current HR-V. We stopped at $18,950 USD for predicting the price of HR-V. Although it is more expensive than before, we are pleased with the technologies and efficient fuel consumptions that we will receive from this SUV. For better understanding, take a look at our review of 2017 HR-V below.

2017 Honda HR-V Release Date: Exterior

Our starting point is about the exterior design. Although we do not on the 2017 Honda HR-V release date yet, we have already known the futuristic look of HR-V. The front fascia will offer redesigned grille, rectangular bumper, sleeker cover and chrome accents. Overall, they are new and modern than the predecessors. We will see a coupe-like shape in a compact SUV body language here. Moreover, the turning signals are also connected very well with the rear view mirrors. Meanwhile, the rear segment of Honda HR-V is also redesigned. The taillights are now presented horizontally. Unfortunately, the rear bumper is still not as large as the front because Honda focuses on giving large trunk door.

2017 Honda HR-V Release Date: Interior

We have to say that the 2017 Honda HR-V interior provides the most spacious interior so far. Thus, we have to wait the 2017 Honda HR-V with much patience obviously. For you information, Honda applied center fuel tank to increase the interior. Once again, we will be offered with the Magic seats of Honda here with new design. Moreover, you can also expand the space with versatile cargo here. In other words, the users are able to convert rear seats becoming a flat floor now. Although the interior will remind us about compact car layout, it still offers spacious interior. Unfortunately, the interior does not give us any futuristic feeling like other rivals. Overall, we can have easy control for arranging the seating.


2017 Honda HR-V Powertrains

After we talked about the 2017 Honda HR-V release date, we have to say a few words about the powertrains. For your information, this SUV has a 1.5 Liter engine capacity, which is mated with CVT and manual gearbox. As a result, it is able to produce around 150 horsepower. However, it won’t be available for the United States market. Another gasoline engine with similar size is also producing 131 horsepower. The best one is the hybrid version that will complete the HR-V lineup soon. This time, Honda mixes the 30-hp motors with 7-speed robotic gearbox.

2017 Honda HR-V Turbochargers

It is unknown yet whether the 2017 Honda HR-V release date will be featuring turbochargers or not. As we know, Honda has made big differences recently since the automaker was well-known not to follow the turbocharger trends for several years ago. But, the latest Honda Civic tell us about the taboo that it has no turbocharged anymore now. We have no idea about the possibility of turbochargers of HR-V. If it happens, there will be a 1.6 L turbocharged engine for 2017 HR-V obviously.






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