2017 Lexus LX 570 Redesign, Release, Changes

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2017 Lexus LX 570 Redesign, Release and Changes – Welcome to Futurecarrelease.com, this time I will give information about the world, namely the Lexus. More precisely 2017 Lexus LX 570 will be present in the world car market by 2016. I will present information about the 2017 Lexus LX 570 is about a review, release date, price, specs and engine. Congratulations read something about the information that I have prepared, and if you want to know the latest updates about the latest cars visit the blog Futurecarrelease.com.


The initial image of a golden LX was published in Japan’s automotive tabloid Best Car Magazine, depicting just the front three-quarters view. Most noticeably, a massive spindle grille replaces the quasi-spindle grille and bisecting bumper bar, bringing the top-of-the-lineup SUV in sync with the rest of the offerings in the luxury marque’s portfolio.

Furthermore, formerly wide foglamp coves are now replaced with angular slivers. Headlights, too, are slimmer but a row of LED driving lights remain along the bottom edge in a fishhook shape.

LX 570 is one of the key models from the entire Toyota Luxury division Lexus. Since it was launched in the year 1995, there have been three generations so far and they are coming up with other new models. It shares most features with Toyota Land Cruiser and therefore a full-size luxury SUV vehicle. The current model of LX 570 was introduced in the year 2007. The 2008 model was refreshed in 2012 adding some new features and improvements. However, the company plans to make another refresh to come with 2017 Lexus LX 570.


2017 Lexus LX 570 Price

Pricing for the new 2017 Lexus LX 570 has been set at $80,000 – $85,000 based on current exchange rates. If there are changes on the 2017 Lexus LX 570 we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep follow our blog.

2017 Lexus LX 570 Changes

The LX 570 is one of key models from Toyota’s luxury division Lexus. It was originally launched in 1995, and we saw three generations of it so far. It is a full-size luxury SUV, which is heavily based on the Toyota Land Cruiser, sharing platform and most of the characteristics. Current model was introduced in 2007, as 2008 year model and it was refreshed in 2012. This model is already present for a long time and successor is highly expected. However, this model is planned to last for some time more. Company plans to make one more refresh, which will come with 2017 Lexus LX 570, until next-generation model comes.

2017 Lexus LX 570 Redesign

Although 2016 year model was planned to come with this refresh, now it seems more likely that this update will be prolonged for one more year. In any case, 2017 Lexus LX 570 will come with several big changes, compared to current model. The most of the changes will be visual nature. It will come with improved look, in order to remain attractive until next generation come. The 2017 LX 570 will be mostly changed at the front, where we will see adaption to the new design language. This means new front fascia, which will feature new spindle grille and narrow headlights. This refresh includes several other modifications on the different areas of the vehicle, so we will see things like new bumpers, new fog lights, new D-pillar, taillights etc.

2017 Lexus LX 570 Redesign

2017 Lexus LX 570 Specs

This model will come with several changes as compared to the current models. Most of the changes will be visual and can just be seen by everyone. It will have improved look so as to be attractive till the next generation. The changes will be done at the front where we will be able to see the adaptation to the new design language. The new front will feature a new narrow headlights and a new spindle grille. Besides, there will be several other modifications that will be done on other parts of the vehicle such as new fog lights, new bumpers, new tail lights and new D-pillars and other several changes that will improve the look of the vehicle.

The interior has been redone as well, with a new dashboard that cuts a wide swath from the instrument cluster to the passenger-side door. Gone is chunky center console tower that dominated the dash before. The new look, with contrasting accents taking prime real estate, gives off a more luxurious and modern vibe.

There will be also some changes in the interior parts of the new model. There will be restyled control board and other new features. Besides, the new 2017 Lexus LX 570 will have new Lexus Safety System Plus introduced with the new RX such as Lane departure alert, adaptive radar cruise control, auto high beam and pre-collision auto-braking system.

2017 Lexus LX 570 changes

2017 Lexus LX 570 Engine

The engine of the 2017 Lexus LX 570 will come without changes. They will retain the same features when it comes to the engine. It will be powered by 5.7 liter featuring a V8 engine. It will have a maximum output torque of 403 pound-feet and a maximum output of about 383 horsepower. The original six-speed automatic transmission will also be retained. Therefore the engine features of the current model will still be used in the new model.

The 2017 Lexus LX 570 will come with no changes, when it is about engine. It will be powered by the same 5.7 liter V8 engine, which has max output of 383 horsepower and 403 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission also remains.

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